Grown with love and care on their farms

@dutoit_agri is celebrating another season of delicious apples! Grown with love and care on their farms, their apples are now available in Pick n Pay stores nationwide. To mark this occasion, @dutoit_agri is giving away two boxes of their sweet and refreshing Apple-Pietini cocktail kits! To enter the giveaway, all...

Apple and pork really do make the perfect pair!

Apple and pork really do make the perfect pair! We’re celebrating Autumn and our bountiful apple harvest with this deliciously wholesome recipe, developed by @my_homemade_kitche_za This can be served as the perfect appetizer or savoury party snack for any occasion or add a crunchy side salad or mashed potato for...

Apple Pie Day – Applepie-tini cocktail recipe

Did you know that today is World Apple Pie Day? And to celebrate here is a great little recipe for a Salted Carmel Applepie-tini that I created for @dutoit_agri. Made with fresh apple juice, some sneaky gin and a small swing of salted caramel syrup, this delightful cocktail is guaranteed to go down as an...

Join Dutoit and the Jeff Community

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, especially if you add in a workout as well! Join Johno and Joe from the JEFF Community and Dutoit in a live workout at 8am on Tuesday (21 June) streaming live from Constantia Village.

World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day! Celebrated on June 5th World Environment Day is our chance to honour our beautiful planet and take the right steps to keep her healthy.