Fresh Focus – South African Apples & Pears 2024 (Published by Fruitnet)

The South African apple and pear sector is leading the way in diversifying the marketing of South African fresh produce and it continues to make major strides in Asia. Last year saw significant increases in sales across major Asian markets, despite a poor production season. This year, with increases in both apple and pear production expected, the industry is confidently predicting further advances. Improved market access is also on the cards, and South Africa is already planning promotional activities in Thailand for when long-awaited market access is restored in the coming months. It is significant that South African penetration in these markets is led by new full-red Gala types, and on the pear front, new varieties are entering the scene to support trusted varieties such as Forelle and Packham’s Triumph.

This season, trade and consumers will again be treated to some of the best-tasting fruit in the world produced under the African sun, by growers renowned for expertise and resilience in working with nature. Fruit growing in South Africa has a long tradition spanning centuries.

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