The Apple that doesn’t Turn Brown

How often have you experienced the disappointment of a freshly cut apple going brown? It’s not just the loss of colour that counts – the fruit starts oxidising as its enzymes react with oxygen, impacting its flavour. So, your child’s lunchbox looks lacklustre. And your salad starts to seem a little sad. But what if there was an apple that didn’t do that? An apple that stayed crisp, cream and superbly sweet? The Opal® does just that.

Gysbert du Toit at Dutoit Agri says, “We grow Opal® apples exclusively on our farm in the Koue Bokkeveld, making this variety extremely unique! They’re a hybrid between a Golden Delicious and the lesser-known Topaz variety. They don’t turn brown because they’re bred to have lower levels of the enzyme that changes the colour of the apple when it’s exposed to oxygen.”

Opal® apples are medium to large, round fruit. They have an almost iridescent, lemon-yellow skin and slight russeting at the stem. The apple has a soft yet crisp, cream-colored flesh with a sweet taste and a slightly tart finish – giving an optimal eating experience.

Gysbert adds, “They’re lovely eating apples and they also are a perfect addition to any salad as they don’t change colour and add a crisp texture and freshness. They also take pride of place on a cheese board – slice them finely and serve them alongside a 12-month-matured cheddar for a special treat.”

A 4-pack of Opal® apples are now exclusively available from Woolworths at R22,99 as part of its Flavourburst™ range. Watch out for the bright yellow fruit with compostable Opal® sticker.